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About Blitz


Environmental responsibility is more important today than ever before – and so is fulfilling the highest standards in terms of quality and productivity. Blitz Chem offers specialty chemicals that facilitate environmentally friendly, high-performance processes in many areas of application. Whether in municipal or industrial waste water treatment, in the many sectors of the chemical industry, or in the paper, mining and petroleum industries, we make a significant contribution by providing intelligent, pioneering chemical products. The perfect solution – good for the environment and optimized for best performance.

Blitz Chem was set up in 1980’s. over the years we have developed many formulation in Water Treatment field, for various areas like Paper, Waste Water, Mining, Sugar, Textile industries and disinfectant(sodium dichloroisocynuarate)for swimming pools and drinking water treatment .,

Liquid Activities of Blitz Chem Private Limited comprises specialty chemicals primarily for use in separating liquid and solids (flocculation and coagulation) for anti-scaling treatment in water-transporting systems. The products are used, for example to treat and conditioning of process and circulation water, and to clarify raw water for use as process water or drinking water.

In addition to products for water treatment chemicals. We offer comprehensive range of high-quality products for various other industries and applications. The spectrum reaches from additives for paper manufacturing to mining industries, slurry manufacturing and other chemical and technical applications.

Blitz Chem in-house applications-technology laboratory and team of experts ensure that our customers receive the best advice and quick answers to all their questions. Competent consultants develop individual solutions for you, covering everything from planning to quality assurance. Blitz Chem also happy to provide expert advice on how to use our products.

Our commitment

We at Blitz Chem have a continually evolving culture……

A culture of excellence and commitment to improve the cost performance to our customers.

It is Blitz Chem ‘s Vision to ensure that

“Everybody benefits from a Blitz Chem Products every day and everywhere”



Waste water Treatment

The fine product range finds applications in wide spectrum of industries and application area like Raw Water and Effluent Treatment, Clarifications, Cooling Water Systems, Desalinations, Mining and coal Washing etc.,..